Saturday, June 30, 2007

War & Peace -- Impression of Hamburg

Hamburg is a city prosperous all the way since the Era of Navigation. As the centre of Lufthansa Alliance, it has been an important port of Europe for a long time. And that's why it was dramatically damaged by the Alliance bomb attack during WWII. The city called Hamburg nowadays was almost rebuilt all over, with only several ruined remains surviving the war. And the most impressive one is definitely the ruined church. (Right)

A friend of mine said, "Gothic church is the easiest target during the attack, for its tip is very obvious from view on the top. " How ironical! The tip is the most obvious icon for a Gothic church structure, while it is just this icon that attracts the dreadful bombs!

Bomb on a church, a temple, a hospital, all these are the most unforgivable crimes during the war. May it never comes again!

(You can find more photos taken during my recent Germany trip here:

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