Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weird French People -- Je Reste!

Couple of weeks ago watched this 03' French movie "Je Reste!" by Vincent Perez and Sophie Marceau, mostly cuz of their brilliant piece of work "Fanfan" back in 1993. I can only say, French people are WEIRD!

So there has been 10 years since "Fanfan", and in the movie's world of "Je Reste!", this couple got married for 10 years also. To some extent, you can just think that "Je Reste!" is the sequel to "Fanfan", which shows you what happened to the happy couple after they got "Happy Ever After".

Husband is a very successful architect, workaholic, flirt with young girls and CA's during biz trips, and wife is just a housewife with a 7-year-old boy. Their only and for-always family time is the husband practicing bicycle racing in the country roads, while the wife driving a SUV with the boy inside as the support team. Day by day, wife got tired of the never-ending routine, and at the mean time, she got to know a funny guy, so they got an affair. Wife wanted a divorce, and husband, to earn her back, made friends with her lover to learn from him. Weird enough?

Funny scenes:
1. One day husband back home late night unexpectedly (supposed to be back from a biz trip days later), got into the bed in the dark, so there were 3 in one bed. The lover said to the wife, "Honey, I think there is another people in the bed..."
2. Wife drove the husband out of the apartment (it was her property), and invited the lover for a party. Husband also came, just to practice the bicycle racing in the "Simulation Room" inside the apartment (it was bought by him)...
3. Wife and son went to the lover's lodge by the sea for a weekend, husband "dropped by" and had dinner with them, then left just like a guest did the farwell to the hosting family...

The most weird thing is, French ppl made all these weird things happen so naturally!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guess who is she and what she is doing?

Answer: She is the Minister of Defence of Spain, and she was inspecting her army with a baby to be born in one month when this photo was taking!
Salute to the great mother!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Young Jacky Cheung

When Jacky Cheung, my favorite singer, was still young...

An unsuccessful trial of singing contest, EYTI (1983):

The song won him the first important award, Champion of Hong Kong's 18 Districts Amateur Singing Contest (1984):

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake in China

You may have seen this photo elsewhere, but I got really shocked when I first saw it. Can we do anything for those suffered?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Loser to be Babysitter -- Drillbit Taylor

I would never go to the cinema for such a movie, if there is no one treats.

Owen Wilson always shows tired after the suicide thing. Don't know whether this movie was shot before or after that, but his outlooking is just like a loser wandering in the streets.

Dropped out from the army, begging, cheating, and even stealling all the time, just to make a living. For a dream of starting a new life in Canada, he was recruited as the bodyguard of three high school freshmen, to protect them from the bully of the school's "big brother". Now you can understand that this movie HAS TO be crazily funny to get people to buy the tickets. Maybe that's the reason that it goes to Owen, who never cares about his own image when he is doing a film. Ironically, the most funny part is how the three newbies fit into the new school, and the new roles. They are definitely under aged compared to "American Pie", but they can still do som star mimic shows, date (or at least try to) some lovely girl in the school, and to kick someone's a** (or, to be kicked?).

Owen has many footages, or maybe just too many, just makes me feel boring, instead of interesting. And basically you can ignore any other adult roles in this film.

It is fun to watch such a movie when you really got time and money. And the best thing is, when you walk out of the cinema, you cannot even recall any single scene of it. So you don't waste any brain cell on it. Now go ahead with what you should do in the rest of this day.

Playboy Hero -- Iron Man

Every woman loves bad boy. Actually every ONE loves bad boy.

Nowadays people are so bored of super heros like Superman that has "zero defect", or the "next-door-boy" Spiderman. Now they are all after darker ones, like Batman, like Iron Man.

Actually I've never heard of this comic before the first trailer of this movies released. So I google some background materials, but basically you don't really need them if you have already made your mind to go for the movie itself.

There's one more thing in common between Iron Man and Batman, that they are "built", instead of "born". To be more specific, you can call them "DIY heros", cuz all their equipments are self-developed, and they use such equipments to complete those "mission impossible", such as, flying. So you can imagine that they must be very, very, very rich to afford the equipments. Well, the Iron Man movie is just like "Batman Begins", to tell the story of how a man starting to turn himself into a super hero.

To be exact, this man is better to be called a playboy. Dated 12 cover girls of FHM within one year, an "achievement" that makes every guy envy. And why every woman thinks that she could be the 13th and last one?

The script, unfortunately, is too supportive for Uncle Sam, but the footage of Iron Man is wise and full of humor, so we just pretend that we did not see the Afganist war.

It's really a waste of Gwyneth's talent to let her play such a role that with so little to present. But you just cannot get any blonde to do this, too risky. Dilemma.

The best supporting role is the black "buddy", while the "white bad olddy" is soooo obvious and sooooooo stupid! (Imagine you see your opponent playing around with YOUR computer, and you continue flirting with her?!)

The special effect of the Iron armour shows great power in the scene of fighter fighting, but the final dual between the two "big guys" is relatively dissappointing. You have all the missles, machine guns, etc., yet you fight like a football player?

My favorite scene is when Robert demo the super missle at the beginning, the whole moutain seems to be flattened, and don't forget the hats... If Robert fastened his hat before that, will be even more funny.

I bet that Marvel will never let go such a money-making topic, so we can expect the sequel quite soon. What I expect more is what kind of chemistry will happen between Robert and Gwyneth next time.