Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weird French People -- Je Reste!

Couple of weeks ago watched this 03' French movie "Je Reste!" by Vincent Perez and Sophie Marceau, mostly cuz of their brilliant piece of work "Fanfan" back in 1993. I can only say, French people are WEIRD!

So there has been 10 years since "Fanfan", and in the movie's world of "Je Reste!", this couple got married for 10 years also. To some extent, you can just think that "Je Reste!" is the sequel to "Fanfan", which shows you what happened to the happy couple after they got "Happy Ever After".

Husband is a very successful architect, workaholic, flirt with young girls and CA's during biz trips, and wife is just a housewife with a 7-year-old boy. Their only and for-always family time is the husband practicing bicycle racing in the country roads, while the wife driving a SUV with the boy inside as the support team. Day by day, wife got tired of the never-ending routine, and at the mean time, she got to know a funny guy, so they got an affair. Wife wanted a divorce, and husband, to earn her back, made friends with her lover to learn from him. Weird enough?

Funny scenes:
1. One day husband back home late night unexpectedly (supposed to be back from a biz trip days later), got into the bed in the dark, so there were 3 in one bed. The lover said to the wife, "Honey, I think there is another people in the bed..."
2. Wife drove the husband out of the apartment (it was her property), and invited the lover for a party. Husband also came, just to practice the bicycle racing in the "Simulation Room" inside the apartment (it was bought by him)...
3. Wife and son went to the lover's lodge by the sea for a weekend, husband "dropped by" and had dinner with them, then left just like a guest did the farwell to the hosting family...

The most weird thing is, French ppl made all these weird things happen so naturally!

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