Friday, May 9, 2008

Loser to be Babysitter -- Drillbit Taylor

I would never go to the cinema for such a movie, if there is no one treats.

Owen Wilson always shows tired after the suicide thing. Don't know whether this movie was shot before or after that, but his outlooking is just like a loser wandering in the streets.

Dropped out from the army, begging, cheating, and even stealling all the time, just to make a living. For a dream of starting a new life in Canada, he was recruited as the bodyguard of three high school freshmen, to protect them from the bully of the school's "big brother". Now you can understand that this movie HAS TO be crazily funny to get people to buy the tickets. Maybe that's the reason that it goes to Owen, who never cares about his own image when he is doing a film. Ironically, the most funny part is how the three newbies fit into the new school, and the new roles. They are definitely under aged compared to "American Pie", but they can still do som star mimic shows, date (or at least try to) some lovely girl in the school, and to kick someone's a** (or, to be kicked?).

Owen has many footages, or maybe just too many, just makes me feel boring, instead of interesting. And basically you can ignore any other adult roles in this film.

It is fun to watch such a movie when you really got time and money. And the best thing is, when you walk out of the cinema, you cannot even recall any single scene of it. So you don't waste any brain cell on it. Now go ahead with what you should do in the rest of this day.

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