Friday, November 23, 2007

Birthday dinner at a more than 500 yrs old restaurant

Finally could call it a day, and I decided to have dinner in the oldest restaurant in the town of Luneburg, as a small celebration.
The name of the restaurant is Krone, where I visited with some colleagues before for several time. It was built in 1485, so hope after another 500 years I could still have dinner here, hahaha.
This is a combo-poster hanged in Krone, which I like pretty much. Reason being? My name is in one of the posters! Could you find it out? (Hint: It is in a sharp color, at a sharp position.)
Looking for the answer? Well, keep read on then.

After one day's tough work, don't expect my pose was as good as these brilliant girls above.
And finally this is the dessert I had, Black Forrect Bowl. (BTW, Black Forest is actually the name of place in Germany.)
OK, now here comes the answer to the million-dollar question: What's my name? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAURA!

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