Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Missing Love -- "Definitely, Maybe"

Thirty-something old man, newly divorced, and trying to explain to his daughter why she was born, and finally it turned out to be a look-back to his own relationships with three girl friends.
Not new right? But really rare, especially in nowadays, when everyone is fancy about monsters, robots, wars, and political scandals.
The script is awesome. The writer delicately put the whole story into several election years, and given this year is another election year, it makes the story much more real-life. The Clinton's sexual scandal gave a whole bunch of laughter-triggers, but that's just a small part of it. Actually the whole cinema was laughing every 5 min during this 2-hour-long show. It's so nice to have these funny but never cheap words back to the movie world again, we really miss them.
The cast is not that famous, but definitely good enough. Ryan Reynolds' shining eyes make every female audience have the mercy on him, while Abigail Breslin's "I am oooold enough" acting always makes you say the word "cute". Out of the three girl friends, Isla Fisher (I only know she acted in "Scooby-Doo" before) is the most impressive one, who brings a fresh breeze to the movie every time she shows up; Rachel Weisz is weird enough, also old enough (We miss the little princess in "Mummy" and "Mummy Returns"...); the first-love-girl is just normal enough.
Although this is the best movie I've ever seen this year, be warned that you'd better be beyond 25 to enjoy the real thing of it.

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