Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Artificial Messiah -- Babylon A.D.

When the show ended, friend asked me, "It this the end?" Not because that we did not want it to end, but we COULD NOT UNDERSTAND how it could possibly end like THIS?!

The inspiration seems to root in "Children of Men". Damaged and pollted earth, ex-USSR countries are all in a mess, and the only paradise is the two countried in North America (you know who they are). Sounds like Cold War? Come on, even James Bond has aged since then!

There's a mysterious and genius girl, mysterically pregnant like Maria, but her intelligence was from some super computer, just like a perfect (or perfectly awful?) mixture of modern science and ancient religion. I just feel like that the director is trying to find a way out, but he did not understand that there are two ways, via different directions, while he just tried to make them one, which was doomed to fail.

It's like a personal show time for Vin Diesel. After all those crazy things in "xXx", in this movie you can expect snow motorcycle, racing, shooting, fighting, you name it. But what else?
At first I was hoping to see him and Michelle Yeoh, because of that classic quote "You are not a gentleman" from "Gone with the Wind". Unfortunately, Vin Diesel might look a bit like Rhett Butler, but Michelle is not a single piece of Scarlett. Finally she left earlier than I expected.
And it's actually quite interesting to see the chemistry between Vin Diesel and Mélanie Thierry, like "Beauty & Beast". This young lady just looks like a new Mila Jovovic, and her role is just like Mila in "The Fifth Element". (And, actually Vin Diesel looks like Bruce Willis sometimes...) Although they look more like a father-daughter pair, the scenes in the bathroom did bring some sparks. Pity that Michelle Yeoh came back too early...
Besides these, we have to say that we know too little about this Diesel...

The ending is in a rush. If they were running out of budget, then why not just leave this topic to someone else?

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