Monday, March 2, 2009

Dreams Come True? – The Wedding Game

Some celebrities get married. Some celebrities play getting married on the screen. Some celebrities play pretending to get married on the screen. But not every pair of celebrities play pretending married on the screen right before they get married in real life.

Fann Wong (You might remember her in Shanghai Knights, as the younger sister to Jackie Chan) and her long-time lover Christopher Lee (not that famous white guy, of course…) are the “Princess & Prince” celebrities in Singapore, hence their wedding looks like a “dreams come true” to the popular audience. So, some guys are naturally thinking about, “Why not we make some money out of this?” Then, here comes the movie, which hit local box office during the “double celebration” of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. BTW, according to Chinese tradition, the 15th day of January in lunar calendar, i.e., “Yuan Xiao Festival” (literally “the festival for rice dumplings”, cuz rice dumplings are traditional food for this day), is also a day for love and dating…

You may have seen such movies in an “American Sweetheart” style, so nothing is really new here. They just added in some oriental sauces like the “kampong dancing” in a Malaysia village and the South-Eastern Asian accent English. And to make the movie “politically correct”, the leading roles got very “honorable” reasons to fake the marriage -- just hope they don’t do that in real life…

In order to raise enough money for the production in a short time (the movie was set up after they announced their engagement in mid 2008, and finished production no later than Christmas of the same year), there are a hell lot of advertisements in it, and almost all of them are local brands: from snacks, beverages, restaurants, all the way to a condominium! So you can also classify this movie to a big ad project actually.

You will find most of the fun during watching the first half, esp the part that how the celebrity couple “pretended” those sweet scenes. My personal favorites include one scene that they turned a wrestling fight into a chilly spicy hot kiss as soon as they found paparazzi outside the window. And the following lines literally made the whole cinema bursting into laughters: (roughly translated)
Gigi (a.k.a. the girl): From now on, in this house, you must keep 12 inches away from me!
Jack (a.k.a. the guy): Don’t worry, mine is only 10.5!
(OK, if you don’t get it, then so be it…)

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