Monday, January 21, 2008

Osnabruck & Bremen in the rain

Winter is definitely not a good season for west Europe, especially Germany. Cold, heavy wind, and cloudy or even rainy. Someone says you could not see the sun duirng the whole winter here! At lease I have not seen Mr. Sunshine ever since I arrived, one week ago.
But weekend is weekend, after all. For the rest of the towns within 2 hours train ride from Luneburg, I picked Osnabruck and Bremen for this time.
Osnabruck is a small city near the border between Germany and Netherlands. As most of other German towns, the biggest buildings include the Dom (main church), several churches, and the City Hall (Rathaus). I like the St. Marien's Church most, because of the beautiful outlook, especially the Flying Buttress, a very typical characteristic of Gothic Architecture.

Bremen is a famous port in Germany, but the city itself is surprisingly small. Starting from the Bahnhof (Train Station), only 10 min walk will lead you to the old town centre. Another 30 min to one hour is more than enough to visit all the major places of interests and take enough photos. These places are just clustered together!

The windmill is a surprise. I did not find any last time in Amsterdam, but this one is for real, and it was actually moving in the heavy wind!

Roland is the protector of this city.

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