Friday, June 13, 2008

End of their career? -- My Mom's New Boyfriend

Names like Antonio Benderas and Meg Ryan are once to be the main factor that attracts me to a movie. But remember this, however shining you are today, there will be a day coming to end it.

A B-class movie as it is, it's somewhat creative for the producer of "My Mom's New Boyfriend" to get Meg and Antonio to make some chemistry. And the son of Meg's long-time sure-win partner (I mean Tom Hanks), Collin Hanks, playing the son of Meg in this movie, this could definitely generate some scoop. But after all, a moive could not be successful with only these tricky things.

Antonio as an artist thief (smell the Latinic romance?), Colin as a young FBI agent who wants to track Antonio down (Sounds familiar? "Catch me if you can, son!"), and Meg as a middle-aged single mother who falls in love with Antonio. Bugs, Doggies, every routine things for a movie that is related for FBI, name it. The story is really not bad, and it should be a quite profitable project actually. Yet what we got here?

Middle-aged couple tries to catch up with the young generation: fall-in-love-with-the-first-sight? Come on, you are not teenagers any more! Weird Middle-East restaurant? That place could only remind us war now. And the worst scene of all? Seeing that once sweet Meg screaming and laughing like addicted to some things, if you know what I mean. I'm sure that I would like this movie much more if they faded to be the "background" only.

When you ignore this old couple, you will "suddenly" find the effort by Colin Hanks. His tones just like his old man! And all reminds me Tom Hanks in his earlier days like "The Man with One Red Shoe". Like Tom, Colin may not become a "girl killer", but the path to awards is open to him, if he keeps improving his acting. In this movie, my favourite scene is when he and two other FBI agents bugging his mother in bed with another man... *_*

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Ann said...

okay, i m gonna catch this definitely... Banderas.. Meg... and Hank's son, what a combination

btw, Collin does have his father's forehead~~