Saturday, June 21, 2008

Growing up - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Within all my friends, about half of them do not like the first piece of Narnia; even me myself, when I first watched it, I thought it was much, much below LOTR, not only the rating, but also the age of the target audience.

Now here comes the second one, which, refreshes my impression to this series with a "grown-up" feeling. For those who still think that this is a "Boy's Play", YOU ARE WRONG!

One year after the first movie, U.K. is in the centre of war. The foursome just tuned themselves back to the normal life. While in Narnia, it has been 1,300 years. A Hamlet (Prince Caspian) blew the horn that belongs to Susan, and bring them back to Narnia. Another war "for Narnia" is coming.

Actually we don't really care about who they are fighting against, what kind of spirits or animals they are fighting with, what new skills they grasped , or what strategies (smart or stupid) they are going to use. All what we know is, they are back, they are going to fight, and they will finally leave. Although there are several mistakes, both in the plot and the shooting (e.g., when the foursome were walking in the cave after they first back to Narnia, it was Edmund, who was taking the lead, that held a torchlight, but some "mysterious" light appeared behind the last one, Lucy.), but come one, who did NOT make such mistakes? Especially in Hollywood. So don't worry too much, don't calculate too much, just sit back and relax to enjoy this movie, as if it was a break in your boring life, just like Narnia is a break for the foursome in the WWII life. The only difference is, it will take you 2 and a half hours to finish this movie, while they only used 1 second to finish a war, and even a first love for someone.

Ben Barnes (as Prince Caspian) has a very promising look and an even more promising chance (he is also the lead for the next Narnia movie), hope he could be the next Orlando Bloom. So far he still needs some more practice in his acting (exactly the same case for Orlando in LOTR!).

In the foursome, my favorite is still the little Lucy, Georgie Henly. She is just so cute! Maybe she is not talented enough to handle all kinds of roles, just like Darkota Fanning did, but it seems that she could easily push Abigail Breslin into the shadow now (Hi Abigail, if you keep staying in your current status, you might be the next Kristen Dunst only).

Peter also got a quite good look in fact. The only problem might be, he does not look quite "characteristic", so you might easily mistake him with other blondes in Hollywood. Susan is obviously over-aged, and if she chose to stay in this business, we might just get another actress that you remember you saw her in some movie, just cannot recall the name, neither the movie's or hers. Edmund looks is just a loser, hope he could do better in the next sequel.

Not much to say for the supporting roles, except the fencing rat. Everybody knows you guys are just copy-catting from Shrek, why bother change it into a "copy-rat"? (Ever consider lend the voice from Antonio Benderas?)

The scene of the beach, valley and the river is awesome. But the CG lion Aslan is disappointing. Soooo fake!

Unlike the Golden Compass, I'm really looking forward to seeing Narnia 3 now!

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